Chava LeBarton Creativity is within each and every one of us, and my goal is to help that natural quality blossom in everyone I coach.

When I first began teaching fine art twenty some years ago, I ran a private studio for art classes (in a chain) in Pacific Palisades (near Malibu) and personally taught over 350 students a week. The prescribed curriculum taught students to duplicate what they saw, i.e., drawing and painting from still life setups and copying paintings. I was required to follow the teaching sequence, but for the decade or so that I was there, I wished that the program encouraged creativity. My students could duplicate Picasso or Rembrandt but froze when they wanted to create something original. I decided I could not continue to turn out a mob of copyists any longer. And so the idea of becoming a private art coach was born.

I give my students the opportunity to develop creative confidence and the personal freedom and skills to draw and paint whatever they are interested in, and with the mediums of their choice. As a private art coach, I help artists of all ages and levels put their intention and passion into developing the ability to draw or paint in whatever style is meaningful to them. Students may wish to learn how to paint acrylic portraits, do miniature watercolors, specialize in wild animal oil paintings, or sketch children with charcoal. Some students may be accomplished artists who have reached a plateau and need more advanced, specific coaching.

Private Art Coach is exactly that… I come to your home* or studio and coach you at your own level, based on what you want and need. You may be a group of moms who want to have a once-a-week wine, cheese and painting club; you may be a retired person who always wanted to learn to draw; you may have a child that is functional autistic who would benefit from personal attention in learning to draw and paint. Whatever your artist goals may be, teaching art is my passion and this is why I have become a private art coach… to help you express your true creativity within.

Chava LeBarton, Private Art Coach  (707) 813-4854

* Areas include Fort Bragg, Westport and Laytonville, California as I live on Branscomb Road (north of Fort Bragg)