Russian artist Igor Sakharov

Watching Other Artists

March 16, 2013 0 Comments

Watching other artists draw and paint is a fast track way to learn , as opposed to being given the how-tos verbally. It surprising how watching other artists gives our own abilities a boost. For visual artists, audio learning doesn’t work as well as visual learning. The Old Masters had a culture in their society of peers wherein they not only watched one another, but they also duplicated one another’s work and drew and painted together from the same models. By studying another artist’s work, your personal toolbox of methods, materials and ideas will grow.

By duplicating another artist’s work, this does not mean to copy it. Rather, it means to put yourself in that artist’s shoes and try to do what he or she did, as if you’d had an opportunity to watch the other artist. How did he mix the colors? What direction was the cross-hatching going? How thick was the paint? How did he make those brush stokes? Never compare your work with another’s. Just use their art and techniques to enhance your own creative experience! Enjoy watching Russian artist, Igor Sakharov, while he paints by clicking here.

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