_IMGP4373cAs an artist, knowing that I am able to continue my development with my private coach Chava has been a wonderful experience. First of all, she helps me stay focused. Second, she gives constant reminders of my ability to continue growth. She is comforting because she affirms that it is an opportunity to “play” and have fun while learning. Lastly, she is always willing to dedicate and share her knowledge with ease and positive reinforcement of the skills that have transformed my artist eye.    With Gratitude, Yolanda M.

 “Having Chava as my private Art teacher for several years has been one of the best things I have ever done. With her help, I have gotten accepted into a very selective Art school! Before, I was good – but with her help I became fantastic and a Natural.
Alex S., age 15

Chava was my first (best) art teacher and taught me everything I know about drawing, tones and relating shapes.  She is always positive and she gives me constructive help.  She encourages me to go farther with my art than I ever thought I could.   Alison Greenberg, Age 13

Chava is a wonderful art instructor who taught my children for a number of years.  She instructs children with kindness and inspiration and enough vision to keep them on course and learning.  She has a great sense of when to push harder and when to ease up so they reach their own goals without becoming discouraged, putting art instruction into language that any child can understand.   Maggie Lunsky, Parent

Chava has been my art teacher since I was five years old.  Now I’m ten and thanks to her I am the best art student in oils.   Heather Glattly, Age 10

My son has always enjoyed and looked forward to his classes with Chava, our own private art coach. She’s a great teacher and truly motivating. She makes learning fun.   Leslie Miller, Parent

Our fine art coach’s greatest talent as a teacher is her ability to engage a child’s attention, presenting the fundamentals of drawing and painting in a way that is direct, precise and fun. She encouraged both of my children to become tremendously self-confident, expressive artists.   Patrice Dworkin, Parent

I thought I had no talent whatsoever when I began lessons with Chava as my personal art coach. She is very patient and lets me focus on the topics or mediums of my choice. Without her, I would never have stuck with art. Now I feel great about my progress and potential and always look forward to our next lesson with joy.   Marquesa Philippe

Chava has been my art teacher for around four years.  She’s taught me so much that it really helped me become a much better artist.   Rachel Popielarz, Age 12

We have two daughters who have worked with Chava for over six years.  She has exceptional abilities combined with an upbeat personality that you only find in only a few teachers during one’s lifetime. She is extremely supportive, nurturing, and caring while still teaching every child new artistic skills. The students flourish, feel good about themselves, and love to learn.   Dr. Robert Calfas, Parent

I’ve really enjoyed having Chava as a teacher.  She’s taught me so many things about art and the techniques of art.  I’m a better artist because of her.   Matthew Miller, Age 12

Chava is my art teacher. She  has a great way of explaining how the sky surrounds us, and how to paint with that idea in mind.  She has a great sense of humor and greets me at every class with a great hello. She is very clear in telling me ways to improve and helps me create better paintings.   Haley Greenberg, Age 8

My art coach Chava taught me a lot in art.  She was the sweetest art teacher I ever had.  She taught me how to look at pictures or things a different way.  For example, now if I want to draw a horse I look at all the shapes in the head or body and it easier to draw.   Jade Robertson, Age 8