Portrait by Alexy Steele, Russian Artis

Painting Lips

March 17, 2013 0 Comments

Painting lips is a great skill to learn. The mouth is one of our most prominent and expressive facial features. Because human emotions express visually via the lips,  in a portrait the mouth tells an important part of the story that is communicated with the entire painting. By giving careful attention and observation of the structure of lips, your portrait will radiate strong feeling. Because the mouth has a lot of dimension, colors must be blended to create the form of the lips, using highlights and shadow. Though you may see multiple highlights on a lower lip, it will have more impact if they are gently condensed (blended) into one light tone, as opposed to putting “white spots” to insinuate shine. And where the lips meet, it’s better not to paint that line all the way across the mouth. One or two light or dark marks will work.

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