Art is Joy!

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If you’re interested in private art classes Fort Bragg or nearby, read this page for important information!

Why Take Art Classes Fort Bragg?

There is a great reason for anyone (of any age) to take private¬†art classes Fort Bragg, California. Creative confidence is experienced when we know we have skills and abilities required to create what we want. Every one of us has been born with natural creativity; it’s a human quality! Some don’t believe they have any talent, but with the right training and practice, you can develop artistic skills you never knew you had. And it’s rather like riding a bicycle…once you learn, you never forget. Making art at any age brings a subtle, inner joy that is individual.

Many adults and children enjoy taking Fort Bragg art classes and gain much from them. But what about those of you (or your children) who are either 1) much more advanced, 2) need or prefer much more one-on-one instruction, or 3) have specific ideas of where you want to go with your art but standard classes don’t offer exactly what you need? Private art lessons with your own personal art coach (me) is the answer.

You may be a long time artist who is “stuck” and feel as though you’ve reached a plateau in your skill level. You may be a beginner who wants to learn drawing and or painting. Maybe you only want to learn sketching. Or you may be a parent who wants a skilled, loving art instructor to help your child in the privacy of your home to feel super about himself/herself by learning drawing and painting without the pressure and competitive environment that a group art class can inadvertently present. Art lessons for children and adults can enhance self-esteem as well as creative skills.

I believe that making art is joy. Never a struggle, always something to enjoy. Give yourself, your child, or even your group a private art coach – me, that is – to bring more joy of creating into your life!

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