Basic Jewelry Making

Supplies from Michael's

Supplies from Michael’s

Many fine artists find that there is one medium they love the most, such as oil painting, jewelry making, sculpting. They often dedicate their lives to their favorite medium. Many artists are also attracted to other creative endeavors. For example, a watercolor artist may also be a quilt maker who competes in artistic quilts categories. An equine sculptor may get involved in painting horses in acrylics as well. Although I’ve been painting most of my life, I also have a hobby of simple jewelry making. meaning easy jewelry making projects that accomplished with basic tools and materials such as wire and beads, polymer clay, nylon cord and more.

Polymer Clay Pendant

Chava also teaches basic jewelry making. Great idea for a party! (323) 573-4999

Simple jewelry making doesn’t take up much space and is easy to organize. I use recycled, clear plastic food containers, plastic cases designed for organizing beads, clear zippered makeup pouches and whatever else my imagination conjures up to stay organized. I keep a 5-foot collapsible table set up in my extra bedroom so I can have several projects going on a once. And I have an inexpensive toaster oven in the extra bathroom for “cooking” my polymer clay creations.

BeadsJewelry making has been an art form throughout history. Not only does it express culture and the times, but people do it because it’s fun. A man I once knew, a silversmith, once said, “Jewelry making gives me way to express myself.” Making jewelry is creative and stimulating, like drawing and painting, sewing and crafts. It can also be very relaxing. Collecting materials and beads at yard sales, arts and crafts stores and websites can be addictive because it’s so much fun to spread out all of the colorful beads, chains, findings and wire, and then mix and match to create a design or combination that is unique. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube for learning everything from how to use the tools to wire wrapping to pearl knotting to torch soldering to polymer clay to finishing a necklace or bracelet.